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The biggest thing in racing
The rapidly expanding Bandit Big Rig Series entices trucking enthusiasts and the general public with nail-biting racing events, opportunities to talk with drivers and an (...)
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How EMC Tuning Helps to Unlock Horsepower and Fuel Economy
More power. Better response. Better fuel economy. Who doesn’t want the three things as mentioned above when it comes to operating a vehicle? Unfortunately, with (...)
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Lisa Kelly: All in
Ice Road Truckers star Lisa Kelly talks about driving, TV, her message, horses and what’s around the bend. Lisa Kelly might be the face of (...)
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A couple of drivers are heralded as heroes for rescuing a child trapped in a vehicle
A pair of drivers employed by a Caseyville, Illinois-based company, Henderson Trucking, have been bestowed with the title of Highway Angels, courtesy of the Truckload (...)
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Mandatory rest breaks might be coming to an end
Mandatory rest breaks for those who drive truck might be coming to an end if the Trump administration gets their way After the Obama administration (...)
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Meet Angelica Larsson, Swedish truck driver, heavy equipment operator, sky diver, scuba diver, motorcycle rider… you know, your typical girl next door. Or is she? (...)
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Drain Truck Oil Clean and Fast
A pump and special drain plug are a slick way to remove engine oil Wanting to end the occasional spills that happen during oil changes, (...)
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The Break’s Over
Truckers are no longer bound by the California rest break law A years-long battle ended on December 21, 2018, when the Federal Motor Carrier Safety (...)
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Greasing the Orchard Tractor
An auto-lube system is the answer for this farm’s tractors Regularly greasing bearings, pins and bushings is part of the maintenance game. But what to (...)
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