Isuzu Tuning
  • 5% to 20% Fuel Economy increase
  • Up to 20% horsepower increase
  • Up to 30% torque increase

Isuzu UREA Delete

While many vehicle engine operators and fleet managers have heard of DPF delete and EGR delete, another removal that’s worth considering – especially as it pertains to construction and agricultural vehicles – is UREA delete. We’re able to perform this service on a variety of different engine makes – including Isuzu. Here’s a brief overview of the benefits of having the component removed:

What is the SCR (UREA) Delete?

SCR stands for “selective catalytic reduction,” and it’s an important component when it comes to limiting the amount of pollutants that are emitted into the atmosphere. However, this is also a somewhat problematic component because of the additional expenses needed to keep it running efficiently. The SCR works with a liquid that must be injected into the exhaust stream in order to correctly convert nitrogen oxides into nitrogen and water. This liquid, which contains a concentration of urea, is called diesel exhaust fluid, or DEF, and is just one more cost that fleet managers have to account for when it comes to overhead. Plus, one accidental slip up at the pump by injecting DEF into the fuel filler means your truck could be out of commission until you’re able to replace the fuel system.

Secondly, the SCR is a problematic component because it often fails and requires repair, and if repair is put off, these issues can also impact the diesel engine itself. This can result in unplanned downtime, which can impact bottom line as well as overall productivity. Hence, some of the benefits of performing UREA delete include:

  • Eliminating the cost of DEF, which can reduce overhead operating costs.
  • Eliminating the need for more regular unexpected maintenance. This also saves money and can help reduce overhead costs.
  • Eliminating frustration and downtime.

UREA Delete: Part of a Complete Engine Performance Boost

UREA delete is an ideal complement to DPF (diesel particulate filter) delete and EGR (exhaust gas recirculate) delete. When performed in addition to the other two delete services, UREA delete can help increase overall engine performance by up to 20%  (including up to a 30% increase in torque) and up to a 15% increase in fuel economy. This is in addition to prolonging engine life and reducing downtime and maintenance.

Isuzu Diesel Engines We Service

For a full range of the Isuzu diesel engines on which we perform UREA delete (as well as EGR and DPF) delete, contact us today. One of the things that separates Diesel Spec from others in the diesel engine tuning business is the wide variety of engine makes and models with which we work. This includes Isuzu engines – and many other brands. Contact us today for a full scope of what we can do and how we can help your Isuzu engine work to the best of its ability.

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Disclaimer for off-highway tuning

UREA Delete is an Off-Highway Tuning service intended solely for closed-course racing and off-highway driving. It may not be street legal in your province or state, and this service cannot be performed on vehicles registered or certified for highway use. Please check your federal, local, and province laws before purchasing.

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