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Wide Base, Canada-Wide
Greater effort will be made to harmonise standards for wide base tires Since at least 2001 departments of highways (DoTs) in Canada have worried that (...)
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After the Crunch
Know what to do after an accident If you get into an accident and are able to, take pictures, note the road and weather conditions (...)
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It’s Not Tailgating
It’s called platooning, and it saves fuel For the first time in Canada the technique and technology of platooning, one truck closely following another one (...)
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“Right to repair” Let Diesel Spec Fix It !
Is a California right to repair deal for farm equipment wheat or chaff? Run the search term “right to repair” and you’ll get two billion (...)
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Riding the Winds
Staggering numbers of trucks are moving wind turbines for a rapidly growing industry Hundreds of thousands of truckloads of components must be moved to build (...)
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Superload drivers appreciate its DT12 automatic transmission
Superload drivers in training appreciate its DT12 automatic transmission It takes great skill to safely move a superload, which, depending on the jurisdiction, may be (...)
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